How I went through 3 weeks of fuckery so you don’t have to

2021 Update

Website builders have come a long way since 2019, and so have I.

I’ve sprinkled some notes into the article with some updates from the future 👀 as well as a note at the end on how my portfolio has progressed into 2021!

Wix, Squarespace, Dreamweaver, RapidWeaver, Webflow, Canva, Universe,, Tilda, Sketch, Tumblr, Instagram, Sparkle, Weelbly, Simpl, Adobe Spark and Wordpress.


So here’s the thing, these days you need some sort of website, space, or feed to publish your content.

As a designer you need to create content in a variety of formats; videos, documents, long form posts (case…

Mobile AR leads the way in innovation

Over the last few years, augmented reality has quickly become one of the hottest trending technologies for mobile devices. Popularised by social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok, almost every smartphone you can buy today is capable of high quality augmented reality experiences.

Companies such as Apple investing heavily to add hardware such as LIDAR sensors to their devices to further make augmented reality experiences more powerful, smoother, and technologically groundbreaking.

Here’s 6 things you may not know your AR devices are capable of…

And why including a USB-C cable with the iPhone was almost certainly the right move.

There’s been a fair bit of controversy surrounding the news that Apple removed the power brick and headphones from the iPhone 12 box – but even apologists are upset about the fact that they include a USB-C cable instead of the more common USB-A cable.

Here’s why they’re wrong.

How we helped the Australian Tax Office support millions of Australians.

Since the beginning of 2020, the world went into lockdown. The Australian Tax Office became suddenly responsible with providing millions of Australians with tax relief, tax information and income support.

As a result, the ATO were inundated with phone, email and live chat requests from Australians with complex support issues.

How might we use the ATO’s existing infrastructure to support their contact center

We worked closely with the ATO to improve the effectiveness of their chatbot, Alex, by improving both the way you interact with the chatbot, and the way it interacts with you.

Diagnosing the problem

How we used data to redesign the KFC online experience

With the global shift towards mobile e-Commerce, we worked with KFC Australia to assess and improve the mobile experience of their website, unify their brand and e-Commerce sites, as well as refresh the UI, increase conversion, and optimise the overall user experience.

Sprint before you walk

Kicking off the project, we ran a full design print to identify pain points with the existing sites. This involved analytics reviews, customer journey mapping and usability testing.

Here’s what matters this month in Digital – brought to you by Ogilvy Australia

Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook CEOs Testify Before Congress

The CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook have testified before congress about their companies alleged anti-competitive business practices.

The tech giants are known for using acquisitions, copycat behaviour and predatory tactics to stifle out competition and maintain market dominance.

For example, it’s alleged that Mark Zuckerberg bullied Instagram’s co-founders into the sale of the platform. After Facebooks acquisition, Instagram copied features of competitor Snapchat, pushing the photo platform into social irrelevancy and are now taking aim at TikTok.

The committee will be publishing a report with conclusions and next steps.

As consumers and customers, it’s in our best interest…

How good brand strategy, UX and design made applying for KFC an enjoyable experience

For us, applying to KFC isn’t like applying to any old job. It’s the dawning of what usually is a life-long love for the brand. At Ogilvy, we put a lot of love and care into making slick ads for KFC, and we want to maintain a consistent level of experience across the brand — from ordering a bucket of chicken, to applying for a job.

The brief was simple. Transform the KFC careers portal into a fun, engaging and on-brand experience. Make use of great form design to improve UX issues, and speed up the overall customer journey.

A 2020 review

Given the exponentially increasing investment of large organisations into new technology, companies feel like they need to give themselves a competitive edge — in 2020, where digital workforces are quickly becoming the new standard, chatbots have named the “tech du jour”.

How do you choose one? I don’t want to invest in something that’s not going to give me the best results.

There’s been a huge boom in tech startups creating their own platform to build a digital assistant — the choices are seemingly endless. …

Chris Rusnak

Experience Designer at Ogilvy Australia

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